Successful Aging – What Does It Mean To You?

By Valerie
May 17, 2016

I love theoretical models. More than that, I love finding ways to apply evidence-based theory to everyday living. John Rowe and Robert Kahn developed a Successful Aging model way back in 1987 (see image below). What I like about their model is its simplicity. And what I like even more, is its relevancy almost 30 years later.



* Minimize risk of disease and disability – in other words – self-manage those areas you can control through healthy living, medications if necessary, managing stress, etc
* Continue engagement with life – mingle with others, stay connected socially, spiritually and with your community, do things that “feed your soul”, try something new, adapt something that is no longer working for you
* Maintain physical and cognitive connections: move and groove every day, keep your mind active and engaged, have interesting conversations, learn something new.

It’s not perfect, but it is a great foundation when I work with clients on what successful aging means to them and what they can do to continue being independent with quality living.

Do you think you are aging successfully?

If you need a little extra inspiration, meet Ida Keeling who at 100 years old shows us what it means to HER to age successfully!

And with that I am off to play squash over lunch!
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Wendy Johnstone is a gerontologist (MA, Gerontology) and helps seniors and their families through the many transitions associated with the aging process. She can be reached at 250.650.2359 or online at

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– Mike G., Nanaimo, BC