Reality is a……

By Valerie
July 21, 2016

Reality is a….

Hmmm…am I allowed to swear in an eldercare blog?

I am back from 3 weeks of vacation. A true vacation. The first week back was bliss, riding the high.

This week is a different story. Reality has set in and the mountain of work and to dos in my life and the business is cramping my “back from vacation” style.

I just needed something to make me laugh and since my daughter loves minions, she suggested googling minions and reality. So I did.

It shouldn’t surprise you that I just spent 20 minutes reading all the funny minion cartoons. It is really helping my productivity levels today (insert sarcastic tone here).

Because I am a fitness fanatic, this one made me laugh the most because I avoid push ups like the plague and love chocolate.

Enjoy the smile! See you next week…back on track.



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– Mike G., Nanaimo, BC