A History of Keystone Eldercare Solutions

An Eldercare Crisis in our Backyard

When Wendy was seven months pregnant, her father had a massive stroke.  Despite being a Gerontologist with health care navigation skills, she wasn’t emotionally or physically prepared for the transition ahead.  The next few months were like a rollercoaster. Her family struggled with many difficult decisions to help determine the future care of their dad.

What her family discovered (and they weren’t unique) was a fractured and disorganized health care system.  They were left to grope around in the dark for months.  Dealing with Dad’s medical issues were just one of many issues.  Housing options, financial changes due to loss of income and perhaps the most difficult and painful decision – to take their dad off life support – all needed action.  Her mom was being taxed emotionally as well.  She worked full-time and when she wasn’t visiting her husband in hospital, she was visiting her frail mother with dementia in a long term care facility.

Wendy understands her family wasn’t alone in their struggles. When faced with an eldercare crisis and extreme emotional pressure, family caregivers and seniors don’t know where to turn. Or what to ask. Or how to get through the system.

She also realized the value of having a professional who could help families deal with seniors in crisis or heading towards a major life transition.   Someone who had the ability to remain objective and to see the situation from a holistic perspective.  To help families figure out priorities, to assess their needs with a clear direction going forward and to be alongside them to navigate the system and provide support as needed.

It’s the reason Keystone Eldercare Solutions was born, with “keystone” being the critical linchpin or  in this case, the central business that connects and supports clients to all parts of an eldercare crisis or transition.

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“You are amazing! What I tried to do in 2 months, you did in 1 week. You’ve helped us navigate the system, made sense of Mom’s disease, and gave back her independence and control. Thank you for making such a difference in Mom’s life and giving us, her family, complete peace of mind.”

– Mike G., Nanaimo, BC