Get organized with Eldercare Planning Workbook

By Valerie
June 11, 2010

get-your-eldercare-affairs-in-order-coverBefore I became a geriatric case manager and gerontologist, I can honestly say I didn’t understand the value of good personal organization and record keeping.

I remember waiting impatiently as my Nana would meticulously keep her financial records in perfect balance. Looking over her bifocals she would sternly advise me to always have all my important documents in one spot and in order. As if that wasn’t enough to scare a 12-year-old, she would add, “You just never know when your number is up.”

Care planning isn’t just for seniors. Whether you are 38 years old or 98 years young, having “one’s affairs in order” provides yourself and others with peace of mind as well as better care during a health emergency or through a long-term illness.

My clients will attest that “I Talk the Talk” but they may be surprised to know that I haven’t quite lived up to the “Walk the Walk” part.

Let’s just say that I was fast out of the starting gates but a little slow to finish.

Owning a small business, managing a home and keeping up with a busy and very fast pre-schooler makes organizing of all my personal and health information not only challenging but very daunting.

It does, however, make me cringe because it was this very issue that made my family’s life so stressful and frustrating when Dad died. We literally couldn’t find anything — such as key personal identification documents, his will (which never existed!) and passwords for online banking. The amount of time my siblings spent rummaging through drawers looking for vital paperwork was equivalent to at least 24 hours!

You might be like me and feel as though you simply don’t have the time. Or you might take the “I live one day at a time” approach.

The reality is it’s not a matter of IF your family will need access to your personal, medical, legal and financial information; it’s a matter of WHEN. Ask yourself this question, “If you were no longer able to speak for yourself, due to some form of injury, dementia or illness, how easy would it be for other family members to find your important documents?”

Is it time to conquer the drawers of paper or filled filing cabinet? Or are you thinking that you’d like to have peace of mind for yourself and your family?

The best place for you to start is to hop on over and purchase your “Get Your Eldercare Affairs in Order” workbook and it will walk you through every step of the way!


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– Mike G., Nanaimo, BC