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Seniors housing options can be complicated

Understanding seniors’ housing options is pretty complicated stuff. From all the clients I work with, it is by far the most complex issue we deal with. Last week we introduced the idea of how to assess the type of housing best for you or your loved one.x. I actually want to take a step back Read more…

Which Seniors’ Housing Option is Right For You?

There may come a time when your aging loved one or as an older adult, the decision to move or downsize is the right one. Most families think the hardest part is making the decision to move. That may true, however, understanding the breadth of seniors housing options is a close second! The Comox Valley Read more…

Coping with the transition to long term care

  One of greatest challenges of my work is servicing clients who reside in a Residential Care facility, or commonly referred to long term care or a nursing home. It brings up a lot of difficult memories of visiting my grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease and spent 4 years in facility care. My grandmother Read more…

How do you know when it’s really time to go?

“I’m among the forgetters. But I’m not an empty shell”. – Richard Taylor, author of Alzheimer’s from the INSIDE OUT Do you remember the first time you stepped into a residential care facility (or in my day, we referred to them as nursing homes, old folk’s homes or lodges)? Was it positive or negative for Read more…

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Caregiver Consultations: How We Help Frail Elderly Parents

Long Distance Caregiving

“You are amazing! What I tried to do in 2 months, you did in 1 week. You’ve helped us navigate the system, made sense of Mom’s disease, and gave back her independence and control. Thank you for making such a difference in Mom’s life and giving us, her family, complete peace of mind.”

– Mike G., Nanaimo, BC