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Are You a Healthy Caregiver?

Last week, my phone was ringing off its hook with family caregivers. Their caregiving needs all varied. One caregiver was calling for a parent who couldn’t recall the specialist’s name from their last appointment. There was a key follow up needed pertaining to a continued driver’s license. Another family member called who was thrown into Read more…

Caregivers in distress: More respite needed in BC

I’ve had the honour of hearing Isobel Mackenzie, our Seniors Advocate for the Province of British Columbia speak on seniors’ issues. Isobel weaves the personal stories she hears from seniors and families to bring life to the gaps in subsidized supports and programs needed to not only keep seniors living as independent as possible but Read more…

What does caregiver respite look like?

This quote by Silver Donald Cameron captures the incredibly vital yet unrecognized role of family caregivers: “If Canada’s health-care system were a plant, family caregivers would be its roots—fragile, vital and invisible. The part we see—branches, leaves and flowers—is the apparatus of doctors, nurses, clinics, labs and hospitals. But the “visible” health-care system has always Read more…

Helpful Videos

Caregiver Consultations: How We Help Frail Elderly Parents

Long Distance Caregiving

“You are amazing! What I tried to do in 2 months, you did in 1 week. You’ve helped us navigate the system, made sense of Mom’s disease, and gave back her independence and control. Thank you for making such a difference in Mom’s life and giving us, her family, complete peace of mind.”

– Mike G., Nanaimo, BC