Caring for the caregiver: Chiropractic & Massage

By Valerie
April 7, 2012

Guest writers,  Dr. Rick Houlgrave, Chiropractor and registered massage therapist, Sean Murphy, provide easy-to-use strategies and tips to manage the stresses of caregiving, both physically and emotionally.

Being a successful caregiver doesn’t just require conscientious care for the one you are looking after, but also requires looking after your own health. Caregiving often involves physically demanding tasks.

Doing these tasks in a way that minimizes stress on your body can prevent injuries and allow you to stay healthy so that you can continue to care for others.

Here are a few simple suggestions for proper body mechanics that can help you avoid injuries.

When sitting:

When lifting:

Pushing a wheelchair:

Caregiving can be physically demanding. Practising these tips will develop good habits which will allow you to maintain your health, and continue helping your family member/client for a long time.

If you have any questions regarding body care, contact Dr. Rick Houlgrave at 250-339-2100 or at or Sean Murphy at 250-941-8181 or at We would be happy to provide more information or help develop a personalized program for your specific needs.


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