Embrace Aging (at your own pace)!

In many countries, such as Africa, Japan and Greece, elders or seniors are revered, respected and responsible to pass on wisdom and life experiences with younger generations. In more Westernized cultures, we are often bombarded with anti-aging solutions to fight the decline of beauty and strength. Consequently, we tend to view aging as a skeleton Read more…

Tax Credits Available to Seniors

 Guest Writer: David Plandein, CPA, CGA The federal government has also introduced a Home Accessibility Tax Credit which will be effective for 2016 and subsequent tax years. Here is a summary of the two tax credits which are now available: BC Seniors’ Home Renovation Tax Credit The BC Seniors’ Home Renovation Tax Credit can be claimed Read more…

Transitioning to long-term care – Selecting a care facility

Moving into a long-term care facility can feel like a rollercoaster ride for both the caregiver and the person being cared for.  It is full of twists and turns, ups and downs and they usually happen very quickly.  We know the drop is coming but the anticipation is often the worst! Even when the ride Read more…

5 Tips to Minimize Family Conflict While Caring For An Aging Loved One

The common pitfalls of family dynamics and conflicts end to revolve around the issue of caring for an aging loved on.  How can we “share the care” without creating unnecessary conflict?  It all comes down to family members being able to make key decisions together; reaching consensus on dividing the caregiving tasks and how well Read more…

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Watch for the Signs

Caregiver Consultations: How We Help Frail Elderly Parents

Long Distance Caregiving

“You are amazing! What I tried to do in 2 months, you did in 1 week. You’ve helped us navigate the system, made sense of Mom’s disease, and gave back her independence and control. Thank you for making such a difference in Mom’s life and giving us, her family, complete peace of mind.”

– Mike G., Nanaimo, BC