Get Your Eldercare Affairs in Order


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Author: Wendy Johnstone
Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Page Count: 40
ISBN: 978-0-9949475-0-5


A Planning Organizer for Seniors and Family Caregivers

This book is a comprehensive and easy to use tool for seniors and family caregivers to:

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There is no crystal ball to predict the life span and well-being of an aging parent, spouse or yourself. Most seniors or baby boomers don’t think about needing care so planning ahead is challenging. Not planning ahead leads to increased pressure on family members and leads to fewer options in a crisis.

Becoming a caregiver can be stressful. Or maybe you are a senior living alone without family nearby. Having a place to store all of your important information is critical. Why? Having information that can go to the hospital with you in an emergency or to help family and friends be your voice when you can’t is a must when making important decisions about future care and support.

Good information management leads to better diagnosis, better care and making more informed decisions. Doing a little leg work up front reduces the stress and overall burden in the event of an emergency or crisis. This workbook gives family caregivers and seniors a way to capture a snapshot of overall health status, who to call in an emergency, key people who can help and where important files are kept.

Author Bio – Wendy Johnstone

With a Master’s Degree in Gerontology and on-going education with case  management and close to 20 years experience working with family caregivers and seniors, Wendy is well-equipped and passionate about helping others make informed decisions while they deal with a crisis or navigate the transitions associated with the aging process.

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Praise for Getting your Eldercare Affairs in Order

“The straight forward, point by point format and checklists makes it a very practical tool. I strongly recommend this workbook!”
~ D. Talbot, family caregiver

“Gerontologist and author Wendy Johnstone has hit the mark with her workbook “Get your Eldercare Affairs in Order”, a “how to” book that doesn’t insult the intelligence and stimulates thought to help families and seniors identify their own solutions.”
~ C. Bolt, active senior


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“You are amazing! What I tried to do in 2 months, you did in 1 week. You’ve helped us navigate the system, made sense of Mom’s disease, and gave back her independence and control. Thank you for making such a difference in Mom’s life and giving us, her family, complete peace of mind.”

– Mike G., Nanaimo, BC